Arena Member Takes Advantage of Personal Strength Training

Brett Herring Testimonial Arena Gym
Member Testimonial from long time Arena Member Brett Herring. Brett has been a part of the Arena family for 5 years and is a great example of how sometimes people come to the gym looking for one thing and then discover how many great programs we have available! Come in and train!


Brett Herring:
Hey, guys. Brett Herring here. I’m a restaurateur and I’ve been coming to the Arena for about five years now. Started, I wanted to look into jujitsu, saw that Baret was here, and then I started to come over here to do weight lifting with Jason, been doing that for about a year and a half, three to four, sometimes five days a week.


I really love his programming, the way he motivates people, tries to push you. As long as you’re here every day and you put in the work, you’re going to get results, especially with Jason. Been hitting my goals that I need to with weight lifting and programming, feeling so much better. Jason really knows what he’s doing. Doesn’t really follow any fads, really sticks to the science and makes sure that we do a good job when we’re here.

The actual facility itself is amazing. You have weightlifting over here with so much room, all different types of setups here. So whatever you’re into, whether it’s weightlifting, you want some sort of CrossFit type of workout, anything, these guys can help you with.

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