Basic Footwork and Punch Mechanics

Coach Charles Martinez is back with some more footwork drills to help with your punching mechanics. This lesson is applicable for all the striking arts including Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA.


Coach Charles Martinez:
All right, today we’re working on another basic drill for footwork and punch mechanics, right? So it’s just basic punches with footwork and we’re going to start working angling offline after you throw. So just as a general rule, if I’m in a good fighting stance, I step forward. I throw one two. If I finished with my right hand, I’m going to step right. And then from here, whatever, I can just keep throwing combinations. If I finish with my left hook, I’m going to step and pivot to the left, right? So a simple drill to have you come forward, punch, step offline, come forward punch, finish with the hook, step off line. So you can kind of add levels and angles to your footwork during your shadowboxing just to give you a little bit more a visualization of actually moving at an opponent. So if you enter in a straight line, you exit offline. Or if you enter in a straight line and finish with your lead hook you step and pivot offline.

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