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4 Round Bodyweight/Kettlebell Circuit Workout

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Fight Built Coach Jason Salazar is back with another workout you can do at home with minimal equipment. All you’ll need is a kettlebell or dumbbell, and your own bodyweight to get this 4 round circuit done.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason here at The Arena. Got another for workout for you today. Today we got another four rounder with five different exercises and you need a kettlebell or a dumbbell for this one.

All right, guys, we’re going to start up with 12 jumps squats. Make sure we get the depth with a nice, good jump. Soft landing. Keep those knees out. Keep that chest up. 12 good jump squats.

All right guys. Next step we’ll have one-arm kettlebell rows or dumbbell, either or. Make sure you got a nice flat back. And when we pull that bell up, we’re going to pull up as high as we can and keep the elbow nice and tight. Remember same speed down as the speed up, guys. Fight the descent on this one. We’ll do 12 on one side and then we’ll do 12 on the other side. Nice and controlled.

All right guys, next up we got 15 dead bugs. We’re just going to hold that bell or dumbbell, whatever we have over our chest, raise those legs and shoot those hips up as high as we can. We got 15 of these. You should be on your shoulder blades at the very end and try to keep those legs nice and straight all the way up.

So we got 20 quad presses. Remember we’ll turn those hands in, arms right under your shoulders, knees under your hips. We’re going to go up on our toes. Just nice even down to the floor until the knees touches, right back up. So you got 20 of these guys.

And for our last one, we have 15 kettlebell or dumbbell thrusters. We’ll hold that bell right here. Do a nice squat as I come up, up overhead and back down. Use the momentum of that squat pushing up to carry that bell up, don’t pause at the top then press. You got 15 of these guys.

All right. So at the end of each round, we’re going to do another quarter mile run, should be around your block or the best you can do for a quarter mile. If you need to make the run shorter, make it shorter. Try to get this done, post your times and stay tuned for some more workouts.

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