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Options to Sweep and Take the Back from Deep De La Riva Guard

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If you’re having any trouble coming up with options from the De La Riva guard, then check out what Jiu Jitsu Coach Ryan Fortin likes to do from there. Here he shows some sweeping and back taking options you can try out.


Coach Ryan Fortin:
Hey guys, what’s up? Ryan Fortin here, Jiu Jitsu coach at the Arena with this week’s tip. Harry, one of our purple belts had a question. What was it Harry?



Yeah, I was looking for, once I get deep De La Riva, and someone sits down on it, what’s a good sweep from there?


Ryan Fortin:
Good way to sweep, okay. So, I’m going to show him a couple of things I like to do. Brian, could I use you. So, I’m playing De La Riva guard. I’m looking to control something. I like the sleeve, personally. I’m using this foot like you said, deep De La Riva, so not here, but all the way to the far hip. Now, let’s say he puts that far knee down. They do this a lot. Hey, what I like to do is I’m going to straighten this leg to cripple his knee. All right?


If he leaves his arm long, I’ll lasso this arm and use that to sweep him. All right, so back. If he keeps keeps his elbow tight, I’ll come around and butterfly behind the leg, looking to get pants and then for back takes. So, once we have that De La Riva, straighten that leg and cripple their knee. All right, guys. Hope that helps.

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