Boxing Coach Joe Vargas Training His Fighters

Boxing Coach Joe Vargas is working hard with his fighters and getting them ready to compete. There are many fights lined up right now, so it’s time for his guys to grind.


Coach Joe Vargas:
Today’s camp was based on conditioning purposes. We were working on getting exhausted and recovering fast. We have Esteban Sanchez, who’s fighting on March 5th in New York. And then we have Brandon Cruise, fighting the 12th of February in Pomona. February 18th, we have Jabin Chollet and Adan Palma who, Adan will train later tonight.

And then we have Genaro Gamez, a star fighter fresh off his contract with Golden Boy. He’s a free agent training with us. And it’s an honor having all these guys working under the same roof. Every day’s different at the gym. Sometimes we work on the strategy of a fight and then sometimes we work on conditioning, running, sparring. We have a little bit of everything that we do here at The Arena, to get prepared fights.

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