Boxing Drill Using The Corner Of A Wall

The Arena Boxing Coach Joe Vargas has a simple drill you can do at home using the corner of a wall. This will help improve your footwork when changing angles to attack your opponent.


Coach Joe Vargas:
What’s up, guys? Here’s another drill we could all do at home. This is a corner. We all got a little corner in our house. Gloves. You stand right in front of the corner, stretch out, step over, hook to the body, hook to the head. It’s just working on your foot, on your feet working your balance. Boom. Boom. Line back up. Step, work, work, work. Step, inside, right hand. You’re throwing the punches soft. All your working is on your footwork and your balance. Stretch your arms out. Step over, hook, hook. Body, head. Come back. Body, head. That should help you with your balance and your punching.

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