Brother and Sister – Scholars and Boxers

Arena amateur boxers Alfred and Audrey Vargas discuss striving for athletic greatness in boxing, while maintaining academic excellence in the classroom. These are two siblings with bright futures in life.


Alfred Vargas:
My name is Alfred Vargas. I’m 16 years old and I fight for the junior division 106 pounds category and I’m ranked second in the nation.

Audrey Vargas:
My name is Audrey Vargas. I’m 14 years old. I’m with USA boxing and I fight at 95 pounds in the intermediate division.

Alfred Vargas:
I started boxing when I was seven and a half years, old out of nowhere I just told my mom that I wanted to join boxing. That led me to train here at the arena with coach Basheer Abdullah.

Audrey Vargas:
I started in boxing when I was in seventh grade. I only have two fights but I hope to gain more experience.

Alfred Vargas:
I’m thankful to God to have coach Basheer in my life. Not only is he my trainer, he’s also my godfather and he always motivates me. He Always pushes me to the limit.

Audrey Vargas:
He’s helped me a lot in this sport as well as he’s became family.

Basheer Abdullah:
It’s about a year ago when Audrey and Anthony became a part of the arena family and I quickly noticed their dedication and work ethic when they was warming up and hitting the bag and shadowboxing and it caught my attention. It was something that I’ve observed over the years with elite athletes.

Well, you know what, I’m working with both of them and it’s been a honor and a dream to work with two great human beings. They’re not only excelling in their athletic careers, but they’re also excelling in education.

Alfred Vargas:
I go to Sweetwater high school. I have five AP classes and one honors class, and also am the JV captain for academic league.

Audrey Vargas:
I’m also in academic league. I also compete in science fair and I’m currently working on a science fair project with my brother, which is pretty exciting. I think education is very important. I always put that as number one. I wish to pursue the career of an environmental inspector.

Alfred Vargas:
My goal is to be a chemical engineer and graduate with a master’s degree, and just live a peaceful life. I’ll be fighting at Salt Lake City, Utah for the 2018 national championships. If I win, then I’ll be representing the United States in international competition and I’ll be going to their training camps in Colorado Springs. I’m trying to reach the Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo to win the gold medal, and that’s my main goal.

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