Coach Joe’s Pro Boxer Training Session

Boxing Coach Joe Pro Team Training

Coach Joe Vargas working with the Pro Boxers keeping the blades sharp. Just another day at the office at The Arena. We build fighters!

In-House Boxing Competition at The Arena Next Saturday

In House Boxing Event Arena

Another event for the Arena Olympic Games on Saturday August 27th! In house boxing competition so come in and cheer on your training partners!


Ken: Hey guys, it’s Ken here, front desk rep at The Arena. Just want to let you guys know we’re going to have some boxing competitions here as entertainment for the BBQ. So come out and support some of the guys that will be doing the competition. It’s going to be a fun time, so come out strong and come support.

Javier Mendoza and Nigel Fennell Ready to Fight

Javier Mendoza Nigel Fennell Pro

Tomorrow we have Javier “Cobra” Mendoza and Nigel Fennell fighting in Tijuana. Javier is returning after several years off to reclaim his World Champion Title. Nigel is looking to continue his good form in his professional boxing career. Good luck to both of them!


Coach Joe Vargas:

We’re so excited Javier Mendoza is making his return to boxing. It’s been four or five years for him since he’s last fought, former world champion. We’re excited to see what he could do since he joined us here at The Arena. And also, my boy Nigel Fennell is fighting his 14th fight and he’s getting ready to show his skills. So, we’re just excited to put this show on the road. Tomorrow these guys fight at Grand Hotel in Tijuana. These guys are the main and co-main. So, Nigel will open the night and then Javier Mendoza will be the main event.

Pro Boxers Running Stairs with Coach Basheer Abdullah

Usd Stairs Coach Basheer Abdullah

By the time you get to the ring, the vast majority of the work is already done. World titles are won on the road, on the stairs, on the bag, in your gym ring. If anyone knows this it’s 4X Olympic Boxing Team Coach Basheer Abdullah, and that’s why his fighters are out running the stairs at 6am. Be willing to do what others won’t, to achieve things others can’t. Also, hard work beats talent when talent won’t work hard.

Former IBF World Champion

Javier Cobra Mendoza Pro

Coach Joe Vargas introducing former IBF World Champion Javier “La Cobra” Mendoza as he prepares for his upcoming fight. Cobra came to The Arena to spar and was so impressed with the talent of the boxers and Coach Joe that he decided to join the team. He has a game opponent coming up as he starts his journey back to being a World Champion!


Coach Joe Vargas:
Hey, I’m Joe Vargas from the Arena here, Head Coach, and I’m along with Javier Mendoza, AKA Cobra. He is a former IBF World Champion. At 108, he’s moving up in weight to fight at 115 and reestablish his career. And he chose to come here to train with us.


He said that he came a while ago to spar here and he realized there was a lot of talent, lot of good teammates that he could work with and a good coach, and he decided to over because of the leadership that the team had as a unit.


He said under the tutelage that we’ve been doing for the game plan for this fight, he feels very confident, very comfortable. He said, the guy he’s fighting from the South of Mexico, he doesn’t recall his name right now. It’s not that he’s not concerned, it’s just that we’re just so focused on this camp that whoever they put in front of him, he’s ready for it. And he’s excited.


He wants to reestablish getting the world title again. And we’ve been talking to a few people to help us out and work with us. And there’s some big names on the horizon for him. He just needs to fight again, get active again. And I think the sky’s the limit for this young man.

Active Military Member Discusses His Boxing Journey

Blade Alvarez Marine Military Boxing San Diego

Blade Alvarez is another of our Military members that has found a home at The Arena in our Boxing program. A large portion of our member base as well as our staff is current or previously military. Regardless of your goals we will support you on your Martial Arts Journey.


Blade Alvarez:
My name is Blade. I was stationed out here in February of 2020, and fighting was always something that I wanted to get into. Once I got stationed out here, I talked to one of my friends, and they recommended The Arena. And so I’ve been coming here for now about a year and a half. I loved it ever since. It was great cardio. And then boxing just started to be something that I started to like a lot more. I started coming for just more than the cardio. It’s a great atmosphere over here. Everybody’s always cool, so helpful, just so willing, so open. I love it here, man.

Jacob Macalolooy Prepares for 2nd Professional Boxing Fight

Jacob Macalolooy Pro Boxer The Arena

Jacob Macalolooy is back in action and ready for the 2nd fight of his Pro Boxing Career. Under the watchful eye of Coach Basheer Abdullah and a lifelong dedication to Martial Arts Jacob is on his way!


Coach Basheer Abdullah:
Just finishing up camp with my welterweight, Jacob. Preparing for his second professional fight. Very excited to have him back at camp and looking forward to this fight.

I remember when Jacob came to me a few years back asking me to coach him. I truly wasn’t interested because he didn’t have enough boxing experience to make me interested in him. It was funny because he’s a very persistent guy and he was determined to prove me wrong.

After a few sparing sections, I realized, “Whoa, I think this kid has something I can work with,” And from that moment on I brought him on to the team and we just took off.

He absorbed the information quickly and he applied. He’s such a joy to work with. He had the pleasure to spar with two of the best fighters in the world. Turns Crawford and Earl Spence, nothing but great reviews when Jacob attended training camp with those guys and provided sparing for them. So his future is very promising.

The Arena’s Amateur Boxing Program

Adan Palma Professional Boxer Fight Preview

As The Arena recently held our bi annual amateur boxing tryouts, many members have asked about what it takes to make the team and compete for the amateur boxing program. Interested members should prepare for the next tryout by focusing on key areas that our coaches look at when determining the roster for the program. 


One of the most important aspects of being a boxer is good conditioning. While this alone will not win you a fight, it can certainly tip the scales in your favor. During the amateur boxing tryout, all members will have to complete a timed run in order to assess their current level of fitness. In order to succeed at this stage in the tryout, members should plan on running a minimum of 3 miles 3-4 days per week.


A good way to set yourself apart from the competition at tryouts is by having solid fundamentals. Inexperienced boxers with bad fundamentals will have a difficult time making the team. If you would like to get some more time practicing technique, consider attending any one of our boxing fundamentals classes every day at 10:00am, 12:00pm, 4:30pm, or 6:30pm. 


Sparring is an essential part of any good boxer’s training regimen and a core concept in our amateur boxing tryouts. Boxers should use sparring as an opportunity to apply techniques, fundamentals, conditioning, and fight aptitude to a real world situation. For those that want more practice sparring, all four of our boxing classes on Fridays will be sparring sessions. You should plan on sparring at least once a week. This will allow the coaches to assess how you perform under pressure. 


Making weight is a critical part of boxing as all competitions will require that fighters reach a minimum weight. For this reason it is imperative that interested members have good eating habits. Tryouts will include a weigh in to ensure that your weight is under control. 

The next amateur boxing tryout will take place later in the year. Announcements will be made prior to the tryout so that interested members have time to plan.

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