Don’t Miss The Arena Summer BBQ!

Arena Summer Bbq Event
The World Famous Arena Summertime BBQ is on once again! See you all August 27th!

Bobby Winther Wins Epic Fighting Welterweight Title!

Bobby Winther Epic Fighting Champion Arena

Congrats to Arena MMA Fighter Bobby Winther!! @bobbywinthermma
This past Friday at Epic Fighting he captured the Epic Welterweight Title as well as the California State Title. Bobby has established himself as the top amateur in his weight class in California and after possibly a couple more big wins will be making his Pro Debut! On to the next one!

Former Arena Staff Zach Visits

Zach Arena Staff Kickboxing Mma

Zach is back! Always good to see Zach Tenorio in the gym. Whether working the front desk, fighting MMA, or competing in Jiu Jitsu, Zach is always a great representative of The Arena! Great to have him in to visit headquarters!


Zach Tenorio:
What’s up, everyone. My name is Zach Tenorio. I used to work here at The Arena from 2017 to 2020. I moved back to Guam around the time COVID had happened, spent time with my family. And my brother just recently graduated from the Naval Academy, so my family and I flew out there to attend his graduation. On the way back, stopped in San Diego. It’s been cool training with Vince, training with Baret, and the rest of the team. It’s been fun. It’s a different experience. I’m a different person from before, so I’m seeing things in a different light. Being here has definitely been great if. I’m anywhere in the US, I still want to stop by here just to get the training in, see everybody again. Yeah, I’ll definitely be back.

Alex Trinidad Ready to Fight Again After Knee Surgery

Alex Trinidad Cage Warriors Fight Camp

Alex “Ice Cream Man” Trinidad @icecreammanmma is ready to make his return after knee surgery this week, Friday June 10th for Cage Warriors in San Diego!! Alex has been with our MMA team longer than anyone and has represented The Arena proudly. Watch his return on UFC Fight Pass!


Alex Trinidad:
I’m Alex “The Ice Cream Man” Trinidad. I’m a professional fighter here at The Arena in San Diego. I’ll be fighting for Cage Warriors June 10th, next Friday. So I’m coming off a 9, 10 month layoff with a ACL meniscus surgery. I tore my ACL in the last fight. So it’s been a long road getting back. I’m excited to come back.


The recovery, I think, went perfect. The only thing was mental because I went from training every day to didn’t train for five, six months, only basic physical therapy five times a week. Doing little things at the gym with Coach Chuck and Coach Vince. They’re helping me. This injury’s actually been a blessing. It’s helped me get my striking back. I had to get real technical because I couldn’t use any strains or anything. So my head is in the perfect spot it’s supposed to be right now. I’ve never been more confident, never felt stronger. I’m real excited for this fight. My opponent’s very tough, but tough’s not good enough at this level. So I think the fight’s going to go very well for me.

What is MMA?

Mma Explanation Mixed Martial Arts Arena

MMA, short for Mixed Martial Arts, is the combination and integration of Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, and other specific styles, into a person’s knowledge and application of Martial Arts. The main benefit to MMA training is having a more complete understanding and applicable skill set for self defense situations. Altercations can occur with many different variables. Learning MMA can better equip a person to deal with each of these variables due to specific styles of Martial Art having strengths and weaknesses in each. 

Can I train MMA as a beginner?

For those with a desire to train as a mixed martial artist, there are numerous steps that you must take first. Mixed Martial Arts begins with learning individual styles of martial arts such as Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, or Muay Thai. Only once you attain some mastery in these skill sets will you be able to start training in the other disciplines effectively. Then, over time, you may find yourself with the required set of skills necessary to start training Mixed Martial Arts.

The Arena Amateur MMA Team Ready for Epic Fighting 49

Epic Fighting Training Mma Arena

Once again the MMA team is prepared to represent at Epic Fighting at the Four Points Sheraton on Aero Dr.! This time we have Anthony, Pierre and Josh going to battle! Show up and support!


Coach Charles Martinez:
This Friday, May 20th, we have Epic Fighting 49. We have three guys fighting representing The Arena. One is Anthony Orozco looking to continue his unbeaten streak to 4-0.

The next is Pierre Battermann. He’s been with us for a little while. He’s looking to make his amateur debut, and Josh Hotta, another debuter, all three guys have been training hard, and they’ve been waiting to get opponents, and now it’s time to do it. So we have a long history of good fights at Epic, and it’s just another opportunity to showcase our ability to build fighters.

New Arena Rashguards Available Now

Arena Rashguard Merch Available
The Arena Gym is excited to announce that we have just received an order of our brand new Arena rash guards! If you would like to purchase one of these limited edition items from our pro shop, please see the front desk while supplies last!

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