Fight Built Conditioning Class at The Arena

Fight Built Strength Conditioning Class Arena Gym

Another day in the office over at Built with Coach Jason! If you’re not taking advantage of our 10,000 sq ft strength and conditioning facility are you really giving yourself the best chance to succeed? Show up and train! Jason already has the whole programming ready for you, you just need to show up.

Arena Member Takes Advantage of Personal Strength Training

Brett Herring Testimonial Arena Gym
Member Testimonial from long time Arena Member Brett Herring. Brett has been a part of the Arena family for 5 years and is a great example of how sometimes people come to the gym looking for one thing and then discover how many great programs we have available! Come in and train!


Brett Herring:
Hey, guys. Brett Herring here. I’m a restaurateur and I’ve been coming to the Arena for about five years now. Started, I wanted to look into jujitsu, saw that Baret was here, and then I started to come over here to do weight lifting with Jason, been doing that for about a year and a half, three to four, sometimes five days a week.


I really love his programming, the way he motivates people, tries to push you. As long as you’re here every day and you put in the work, you’re going to get results, especially with Jason. Been hitting my goals that I need to with weight lifting and programming, feeling so much better. Jason really knows what he’s doing. Doesn’t really follow any fads, really sticks to the science and makes sure that we do a good job when we’re here.

The actual facility itself is amazing. You have weightlifting over here with so much room, all different types of setups here. So whatever you’re into, whether it’s weightlifting, you want some sort of CrossFit type of workout, anything, these guys can help you with.

How to Use the Inverse Curl Machine at The Arena

Inverse Curl Machine Westside Barbell Arena

Inverse Curl! Another amazing machine we have over at Built from the mind of Westside Barbell to focus on hamstrings. Give it a try and ask Coach Jason if you have any questions!


Coach Jason Salazar:
This is called the Inverse Curl machine. This is great for your hamstrings. You want to build ultimate hamstrings? You’ve got to use this guy. You want to protect your knees? Start off very light, do not attempt to go heavy on this machine. Basically, take your heels to your butt.

Endurance Challenge at The Arena Strength and Conditioning Facility

Arena Built Endurance Challenge Strength Conditioning

Built Games!! Coach Jason will be hosting a strength and endurance competition August 27th, the same day as our member appreciation BBQ, and Belt promotion! Show up and support your training partners!


Coach Jason Salazar: Hey everybody, Coach Jason here. Coming Saturday the 27th in August, between 9 and 12 we’re going to have some games over here on this side of The Arena. We’re going to test your endurance, test your strength. Come over here and check it out.

How to Use the Plyo Swing Machine

Plyo Swing Westside Barbell How To Use

If you haven’t tried the Plyo Swing over at Built then you’re missing out. Another of the amazing strength and Conditioning tools from the minds over at Westside Barbell. Build strength and explosive motion. Unlike the leg press that you are forced to decelerate as you reach the top, with the Plyo swing you can explode through the motion. Try and and be sure to ask Coach Jason if you have any questions!

Pro Boxers Running Stairs with Coach Basheer Abdullah

Usd Stairs Coach Basheer Abdullah

By the time you get to the ring, the vast majority of the work is already done. World titles are won on the road, on the stairs, on the bag, in your gym ring. If anyone knows this it’s 4X Olympic Boxing Team Coach Basheer Abdullah, and that’s why his fighters are out running the stairs at 6am. Be willing to do what others won’t, to achieve things others can’t. Also, hard work beats talent when talent won’t work hard.

Arena Member Uses Fight Built Class to Rehab Jiu Jitsu Injury

Luis Martinez Member Testimonial Strength Conditioning

Member Testimonial from Luis Martinez. Luis started off in Jiu Jitsu with Coach Baret, he is now supplementing his training and recovery with Coach Jason in our Fight Built classes. Increasing his strength, flexibility, range of motion, and cardio help when training for other combat sports but also for longevity and overall health. We have everything you need to achieve your goals.


Luiz Martinez:
My name is Luis Martinez, and I started about six, seven years ago with Barrett. Recently, I hurt my knee, so I’ve been coming here, Jason’s class. I’m working on physical therapy, strength building, a bunch of stability work. So I feel like that’s definitely helping me out with my agility, cardio, stamina, and strength, and that’s been helping me out with my Jiu Jitsu.

Yeah, the attitude is great. In Jason’s class, I feel like he makes the class super easy to follow. If you have any questions, he’s always there to work on your form to prevent injury in the long run. He makes the classes a lot easier for beginners to more advanced fighters who are going to compete. So no matter what your skill level is, he adapts to that.

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