Chris Leben Teaches Ground and Pound Power Punches

In this edition of Tip of the Week, MMA Coach and UFC Veteran, Chris Leben shows how he likes to set up his devastating ground and pound from inside his opponent’s guard.


Coach Chris Leben:

Hey, what’s up? I’m Chris Leben. This is Chris Beeby, coaches here at the arena. And this is your tip of the week.


Talking a little bit about striking on bottom, lot of guys like to stay with their head in and pitter pat, pitter pat, right? You’re not going to hurt anything there. Some guys stand up and punch like this, right? You can’t get any power. Just like I’m standing on the ground, my power comes from rotating my shoulders. I’m here, hands on the short ribs. I’m going to pop up, hip in. That keeps them stuck. Now I dip my shoulder. Here’s my punch …


Now, he’s good. So he’s going to try to sit up. As he sits up, I drop my head, accidental head butt. Right back to center. One more time. Posture up, hips in, big overhand. Boom. He starts to sit up accidental head butt and I’m right back to flat. So I can punch like this or you can punch like this. Your choice.


Chris Beeby. Chris Leben. You got your tip of the week.

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