Coach Joe Vargas Working Mitts with Ulises Sierra

Coach Joe Vargas can always be found fine tuning his fighters here at The Arena. In this clip he’s working with his Pro Boxer Ulises Sierra.


Coach Joe Vargas:
Shuffle forward with your front foot. Come forward. There you go. Good. Step back. There you go. Hands up. Good. Good. Finish that right hand up. Don’t just put it out there. That’s better. Three. Good. Always shifting. Shifting, shifting. Good. Double. Bend your legs right here. That’s it. That’s going to be the moneymaker right there. Open up that shoulder. There you go. That’s it. You’re moving to that side, you should drop that hand. Okay? Relax. Don’t get too fast on nothing else. Keep it composed. There you go. Try not to load it up. Just rip it from your foot. I’m bringing everything behind my punch. I’m not forcing it. You’re forcing is this? Lure them in, lure them in, lure them in. Hands by your cheeks. That way he doesn’t see it. Go, go. Good. Good. Time.

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