Enrique Marte Following His Dream to Fight at The Arena

Since joining The Arena Fight Team, Enrique Marte has fought in the cage and become the Epic Fighting 125 lb Champion. Hear what he has to say about his journey, as well as UFC Veteran and MMA Coach Chris Leben, who has been coaching him along the way.


Enrique Marte:
My name is Enrique Marte. I’m an MMA fighter out of The Arena Gym. I started training back in 2010 in upstate New York, my hometown, and I’ve traveled a bunch to train and learn as much as possible and I ended up here in San Diego. Since then, I’ve had three fights so far with a record of two and one.

Coach Chris Leben:
What he lacks in technique right now, he makes up for in toughness. He’s definitely pushing himself to learn and a true student of the game.

Enrique Marte:
My last, most recent fight, was for the 125 pound Epic Fighting Belt. I didn’t really come in with a game plan because it’s last minute things. I wasn’t supposed to fight then I was supposed to fight. It was more or less getting comfortable because it’s only my third fight. The first round, I got hit with a few things. I think I was winning the second round, I don’t want to say 100%, because in my mind I was down two rounds to one. That’s why in the third round when I came on, I was like, all right, I got to do something big in order to finish the fight because if it goes to the decision, I don’t know how it’s going to go.

Coach Chris Leben:
The fight was really pretty entertaining. He fought a guy that was substantially longer than him and ate some big shots the first and second round, but was able to go back to his corner, reevaluate what wasn’t working, and come out in that last round and adjust his game and ultimately get a knockout.

Enrique Marte:
Right now, my goal is, improved my game overall, work on building up my amateur record, get more and more fights, work on going pro, and then work my way up to pro ladder and just trying to see how far I can take it.

Coach Chris Leben:
He’s in here every day. I see him in the morning. I see him again at night. He made the move from the east coast to come out here to train, to focus on his career. And as long as he doesn’t get a girlfriend and a job and go down that road, I think sky’s the limit, absolutely.

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