Going from Amateur to Pro Boxer with Coach Basheer Abdullah

Check out what The Arena’s Austin Brooks has to say about his transition to our boxing team and his pro-debut under the guidance of Coach Basheer Abdullah.


Austin Brooks:
My name’s Austin Brooks. I’ve been boxing for about seven years. I’ve had about 19 amateur fights, and then I’m making my pro debut on Thursday, February 20th. Super excited for it. I knew Basheer. I actually fought one of his amateur fighters before. I just started training with him back in August. Somebody advised me that I should come to The Arena sometime to step up my game, because I wasn’t really getting enough fights where I was at before. After that the rest is history.


He just upped my game to a whole nother level. And it’s just a great team here. Basheer is just really on top of his game. He’s taken me to that next level, as far as competition. He’s pushing me to fight. He has a really good program. He knows how to get his fighters ready for that elite competition. I’ll be fighting on Roy Englebrecht Promotions. That’s actually a hybrid show of boxing and MMA. It’s up in Costa Mesa, The Hangar. And I’m looking to put on a show.

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