How to Protect Your Face when Throwing a Leg Kick

A common question Muay Thai and Kickboxing Coach Vince Salvador gets is, what to do with your hands when throwing a leg kick. In this video he answers just that.


Coach Vince Salvador:
I’m Coach Vince from The Arena, this my Muay Thai tip of the week. When throwing the leg kick, a lot of people always ask me what do I do with my hands when I throw the leg kick? When you’re throwing the leg kick, you got to remember that when you’re throwing a kick, he can hit you in the face with his hand. When I’m throwing the low kick, I don’t want to have my hands back here, I don’t want to lead with my head, I’m going to get hit. When I throw my low kick, for balance I use my leg, same hand on the same side, and I cover across center line so that he cannot punch me, so when he does throw the punch, it slides past me. It doesn’t hit me in the face, keeps me in the fight. That’s my tip of the week.

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