Jabin Chollet and Brandon Cruz Sparring in Training Camp

Here’s a little sparring action with young professional boxers, Jabin Chollet and Brandon Cruz, preparing for their fights June 11th and June 17th.


Coach Joe Vargas:
Today, we went into sparring with Jabin Chollet and Brandon Cruz. Jabin fights June 11th in Tijuana, and Brandon Cruz fights June 18th in Los Angeles. With Jabin Chollet, we’re very excited about his future in boxing. He’s 2-0 with two knockouts. Going on this third fight, he sparred with Ryan Garcia, he sparred with Jose Valenzuela, he sparred with Oscar Valdez before that. He’s getting a lot of knowledge working with some of the best fighters there is in boxing right now. And Brandon, we’ve been working a lot on his fundamentals, getting better on the strategy, working on his defense. So we’re excited for these two guys coming up on these fights.

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