Training BJJ with Hawaiian Legend Baret Yoshida

Check out this clip of The Arena’s Nathan Blondin as he talks about his transition from Hawaii and starting up his Jiu Jitsu training again here in San Diego under Master Baret Yoshida.


Nathan Blondin:
My name’s Nathan Blondin from Honolulu, Hawaii. I started training back in ’99 to about 2005 in Hawaii with Romulo. And I took a long time off.

And then I moved down here in San Diego a few years ago and I wanted to start training jiu-jitsu again. I wanted to get back in shape, and then I was looking up places, and I was like, “Oh man, Baret Yoshida is like down here in San Diego.” And I was like, “Oh shit. This is definitely wanted to come down here and train with him.”

Everybody knows who he is. In Hawaii, he’s a legend. One of my first tournaments, I saw him do the tournament in Hawaii and it just wrecked everybody. I think he was still a purple belt at the time.

He’s probably one of the best instructors I’ve ever got to learn under. Because he’s so technical, it’s on another level, I think. And he still competes at a high level. We’re about the same age and it’s like, it’s amazing, man.

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