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A Little Heckling Leads to Finding Unknown Family

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Check out this cool clip of The Arena’s Ken ‘Ducky’ Dutkiewicz and Boxing Coach Joe Vargas’ fortuitous experience. You’ll get two things here at The Arena, 1) Great training and 2) Unmatched camaraderie.


Ken Dutkiewicz:
I came to the gym about two and a half years ago. Had some interest in boxing, and I had this fat, ugly-looking beard. And Coach Joe would always make fun of me. “Oh, I bet you’re Irish. You kind of look like Conor McGregor.”

Coach Joe Vargas:
At the time, Conor McGregor was all over the media and he just resembled him a lot. Ever since, I called him Conor. That beard … I always like to get to know where everybody’s from. I asked him if he was Irish. He laughed at me. He said, “No.” I said, “You better … Are you sure?” And then he said, “Yeah.” “Well, you sure as hell look Irish.” And you can beep that out.

Ken Dutkiewicz:
And I was just like, “Nah, nah. I don’t really know where my roots are. I don’t think I’m Irish.” I’m like, “But I would love to find out.” But he kept teasing me and teasing me, so I actually went and got a DNA test done. Found out I was Scottish, Irish, English. I had some lady a few weeks into it message me saying she thought we were related. Well, funny enough, I’m like … my dad was adopted, so he never actually knew his birth family. And he’s been trying to figure this out for some odd 30, 40 years.

I actually ended up introducing her to my dad, and let them start to talking, and they actually ended up to my dad actually finding his long lost half sister that was actually birthed by his birth month. So, pretty much Coach Joe teasing me about being Irish led my dad to find his long lost side of the family, just over a little bit of fun and games.

Coach Joe Vargas:
He thought McGregor could actually beat Mayweather.

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