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Welcome to FightBuilt, a world class Strength & Conditioning program first created by our S & C partner BUILT in 2013. They designed FightBuilt for the specific needs of Combat Sports athletes and those who want to train like them. It has been continuously tested and refined since then to optimize the athletic performance of both our students and our competitive athletes alike.

FightBuilt uses numerous training methodologies, whether functional movement patterns or sports specific, to get you to where you want to be as rapidly as possible. Our partner BUILT also provides specific nutritional science strategies and nutritional supplements if desired. 

Our S & C classes are conducted in the BUILT gym facility located next door to us. Through our partnership with BUILT, all Arena members may train in the BUILT facility at no additional cost. Developed by some of the best Sports and Strength coaches in the business, these classes will get you in shape fast. This the same training our own athletes use, so you know it works.

We use fundamental movements as a base while incorporating sports specific exercises. We focus on building a strong foundation and maintaining correct form and posture. This minimizes potential risk from injuries while maximizing exercise benefit.

Fitness is a huge part of virtually any sport, which is why we partnerered with BUILT to provide elite Strength & Conditioning training. BUILT can design customized training plans specifically geared to you and your needs, whatever your sport.

Whether your goals are increased speed, strength, power or endurance, you’ll receive the exact same proven methods that have been created for our own athletes, alllowing them to succeed at the highest levels of competition.

We conduct our training in a custom-built facility run by our S & C gym partner BUILT, located directly next door to us. It is equipped for every aspect of Functional Fitness and Combat Sports training. Equipment includes a large rack system, lifting platforms, bumper plates, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, heavy balls, med balls, strength bands, battle and climbing ropes, chains, plyo boxes, tires, hammers and more.

We also frequently take our athletes off-site to conduct a variety of training activities, including swimming, jogging, sprint work, etc. These locations include local universities, as well as natural facilities such as beaches and parks.

Looking for the best private strength & conditioning training in San Diego? We have you covered. Once you become a member, you pay the trainers directly and we stay out of the transaction. We get your membership dues, the trainers keep what they earn, and you get huge savings. It’s a win-win-win for everyone. So if you want San Diego’s best private fitness training at the best prices, we’re your gym.

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Testimonial | Eric S.

“It’s a group environment pushing you and being very motivating. I just get a way better workout experience and feel better about myself and my body. You definitely have to push yourself because in the group setting, you want to either be in the pack or above the pack. So that’s what I strive for. When I came here I was definitely the youngest person and I didn’t know anyone. They all introduced themselves and they’ll give you congratulations if you do really well or if you’re working hard.”

Testimonial | Aaron K.

“I’ve been training most of my life. I grew up in a Martial Arts family. I played college football. I’m getting a little bit older now with injuries. Accumulation over the years with training Martial Arts and Jiu Jitsu. Plus I’m a restaurant manager so I can’t have my face dinged up, as I work in the industry. For me, what’s great about The Arena is the Strength & Conditioning classes, the heavy lifting, as well as the advice I can get on dietary needs or just anything I have questions with in overall training.”

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