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Arena Jiu Jitsu Student on Skateboarding, Guitar Playing and Art

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Trevon Rogers, a blue belt under Baret Yoshida, talks about growing up skateboarding and creating in various arts, and how he views Jiu Jitsu tying into all of it.


Trevon Rogers:
Skateboarding, that was actually the gateway drug to kind of everything.

Started like at fifth grade, use to lurk around like after school program and some kids are playing in the yard with their skateboards. I was like, “Hey, like, what is that?” And I rode it for the first time and I was hooked. I believe I begged my mom for a year to get a skateboard and then after that I’ve been skating for like 10 plus years now. It’s super fun.

My name’s Trevon Rogers. I’ve been training with The Arena for just about two years. How I actually got here was through getting tattooed by Sergio Hernandez. It was literally all he talked about and I was like, “Man, what’s this all about man?” And I just pulled up one time for a No Gi class. It’s really expanded my mind to just learning life lessons and it’s a lot of fun.

How I think about jiu jitsu in relation to skateboarding is kind of like your opponent’s the skateboard, got make it do a bunch of tricks, foot placement, how you move your body. Honestly, like the moves are very complimentary.

Guitar playing was actually my mother’s efforts to keep me out of the neighborhood we lived in. So she got me a guitar and I’ve been playing for like 10 years and it’s just all fun. Literally like all these things I do, they kind of feel the same. I’m thinking the same way in jiu jitsu as painting or skating in the same manner as how I would maybe approach a role. It’s all free, man.

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