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Happy Veterans Day from The Arena

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Happy Veterans Day to all who served! Our members and staff are heavily made up of active duty military and veterans, today we celebrate the oath you took with willingness to sacrifice all to protect this great nation. Thank you!


Coach Basheer Abdullah:
Hello, everyone. My name is Basheer Abdullah, I’m one of the boxing coaches at The Arena. I can proudly say I served 20 years in the United States Army as a boxer and elite coach. I can proudly say that I served the United States Army at four Olympics. I like to take this opportunity to wish all my veterans a very happy Veterans Day. You guys be safe and be blessed.

Ken Dutkiewicz:
Retired Corporal Dutkiewicz right here. You know me as your friendly front desk representative here at The Arena. I served four years in the Marine Corps, from 2010 to 2014. Happy Veterans Day to everybody out there, past, present and future. And happy birthday, Marines.

Coach Charles Martinez:
Hey, what’s up? It’s Coach Chuck. I’m a United States Navy veteran. I was in for almost 10 years, 1997 to ’07. I was an E6, made first class, missile technician, which is submarine rate. And just wanted to say happy Veterans Day to everybody who served honorably.

Coach Brian:
How’s it going, guys? I’m Brian, Jiu Jitsu fundamentals coach right here at The Arena. I also served eight years in the Marine Corps and I just want to give a quick shout-out to all the military service members and veterans out there, especially a part of our gym. Thank you for your service and the sacrifices you’ve made for our country. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Coach James Ewton:
Hey, what’s going on, guys? It’s Coach James and I teach the 7:00 AM fundamentals Muay Thai class. I did four years in the Marine Corps and I just want to say happy Veterans Day to all of my fellow veterans out there, and enjoy your free IHOP.

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