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The Arena Fight Team Tryouts

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To ensure we build our team with the right fighters who are willing to commit themselves to their craft, we hold tryouts every year to find out who’s ready to step in the cage and represent The Arena.


Coach Charles Martinez:
Start with jogs around this building. If you don’t make do this part, don’t worry about it. You’re ain’t going to make through the rest of today. Go! Follow, fall in behind each other. Today we’re doing another team tryout. It’s a chance for guys who have been gym members a while and are kind of building their basic skills, to try to see if they’re ready to take that leap to the next stage of training, which is preparation competition. We have a very stringent policy on not allowing people to train with the fight team until they’ve proven themselves.


Fight Team Member:
Finish on the white speed bump not before it!


Coach Vince Salvador:
Our job here today is just finding new guys from membership, putting them on a team so we can get him fighting and continue our tradition of winning and having a bunch of tough guys.


Arena Member:
I came here to try out for the MMA team here at the Arena I’ve been a member since, 2012 and I’ve always been considering it. Definitely more that what I was expecting, but it’s nice to see that fellow teammates here to keep us pushing.


Arena Member:
I just want to see where I was at with my progress, just pushing us and making us get to that next level and I’m very grateful for everybody here, man. It’s definitely a good experience for sure. It’s part of self-growth.


Arena Member:
I’ve never tried out for a fight team before, but I’ve been considering fighting, decided I finally want to take the leap, try and go for it. Arena looks like they really build some fighters and I want to get up there with them.


Fight Team Member:
There’s a lot of tough guys in here and got a lot of these guys will definitely be fighting really, really soon. Excited to see some these guys come up.


Fight Team Member:
I was at the first trial, bleeding, pushing and now I’m helping all these guys, so it’s kind of cool to see how far I’ve come and how it’s come full circle. And so right now I’m holding the garbage, getting ready to, as guys puke holding the trashcan. It’s been a journey that’s the truth.


Coach Charles Martinez:
We’re looking for heart. We could teach all the techniques. I can’t teach them not to quit.


One two three!


Training Group:

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