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A Brief History of The Shaw Family’s Boxing Heritage

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Boxing is a Shaw Family tradition! Here Stephan “Big Shot” Shaw and his father Mr. Brian Shaw discuss their upbringing in boxing with the patriarch of their family, and Big Shot’s pride in being able to pass on the discipline and life lessons from Boxing to his son. That’s 4 generations in the sport! January 14th Big Shot is the main event against a former Olympian, and he will make a statement to the Heavyweight Division, that he is a force and future world Champion. Take notice, the future is now, and Big Shot is here!


Brian Shaw:

My dad started us off boxing. I was about 12 going on 13. At the time I was trying out for football. The first time my dad came to see me practice was the day I got cut. But, you know, he cheered me up and said, “I got a sport I think you’ll like,” and it was boxing. I just said, “okay.” I joined the whole crew and eventually I became one of the best fighters that he had.

When I had my son, Stephan, he was all enthused about boxing. At that time my dad was a pretty well-established coach in St. Louis. Stephan was just eager to even come in the gym. I brought him to the gym the first time he was four years old. He wanted to throw in the gloves. He wanted to fight everybody. He just loved it. It was just something that he always connected with and he’s been loving it ever since.

Stephan Shaw:

When I was four years old, just being around that camaraderie, knowing the history of what my grandfather laid down, it just made me intrigued to want to box. I used to be in the basement of my grandfather’s home and he used to have a bunch of films and I used to just go through the box of tapes. I’m just like, “Man, I can’t wait to do that.” I just love being around boxing. By the time I was nine, that’s when I started around the same time as my little man right here.

Well, I feel like with my son what I want him to do, if he truly wants to box, I want him to establish the discipline of a fighter early. If he can learn discipline at a young age, it’ll just carry on to other things in life. Even if he doesn’t box.

Brian Shaw:


Stephan Shaw:

But I’m not pushing him that hard because truly, I don’t want him to box, but if he wants to box, it’s up to him. I’m just trying to be that inspiration for my son in every facet as a man, not just as a fighter, you know what I mean? Or a boxing father. I just want him to be the best man that he could possibly be, and if he box, I want him to be the best boxer he could be, period.

Brian Shaw:

And that’s all his grandfather wants too.

Stephan Shaw:

January 14th, I’ve been bumped up to the main event. I’m fighting Efe Ajagba, former 2016 Nigeria Olympian. He’s 16-1 with 13 knockouts, and I feel like I’m about to take him to school. I feel like this is a horrible matchup for him because I’m a true boxer-puncher. I’ve been doing this ever since I was four years old. This guy picked up boxing late. I’ve been doing this for 20 some years now, so I’ve been around this all my life. I’m comfortable in the ring.

My plan is to go out there and just do me and make him uncomfortable. If the knockout presents itself, I’m definitely going to take it and I’m going to shake him up a lot and I’m going to shake up the boxing world with this victory. January 14th is my date and I’m making a statement and I’m coming to do my thing, reign supreme and ultimately become a king of the Heavyweight Division. And for my kids… I’m not letting nobody stop me.

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