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Boxing Coach Joe Vargas with Some Finer Points of the Sweet Science

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Coach Joe Vargas sharing some of the finer points of the sweet science with the students in boxing class. All of our classes focus on technique, fight strategy and toughness. No cardio boxing classes here!


Coach Joe Vargas:
Go under and just press forward. There you go. [inaudible 00:00:03] When you press forward… I’ll do it as a lefty.


It’s okay. I have this. That’s the best shot from a lefty to a righty. If I’m here, I go under, boom. They don’t see that coming. Instead of coming here and hit him on this side, there’s nothing that really hurts. Over here we have the liver. Right here, it hurts but not like this side.


Yeah. So when you step here, you want to aim for the solar plexus or anywhere right here. So you go boom. All right?

Reverse your hand. Look it, right here, the jab. Right hand. You reverse your hand. It’s a jab, jab, right hand. Okay?


Do it, and I’ll tell you what you’re holding right now. Okay, so that is a jab and a right hand. Okay?


Now add a hook. Add a left hook on top. Right here.


No, all you got to do is go from here to here.


Okay? Off that right hand. Okay?


Look it, I’m going to get anal. Everything was perfect except for the first part. Your first upper cut doesn’t wind up. It just goes here. You don’t cock it back. Your first upper cut’s sneaky, sneaky, boom, boom, out, boom, boom, boom. There you go. Perfect. That was it. Now do it again. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. There you go.

So when you rolled, I’m going to just go here.


So I’ll roll… You went here. Now you fought for all that range. So now you got to start all over again. So now… look, I’ll just go under. Boom. You got to get him to go backwards. Because look how long he is compared to me. You see what I’m saying? So you got to fight for that space. Everything is for space. Me and you have the same problem. We’re short, right?

So once I’ll go under this… this… boom. I’m right here. Now there’s two things I can do. I can fight right here, or I can wait until he makes a move. Go where you want. Boom, boom, boom.


Whichever way he goes. But you got to fight for that space. Don’t go under and then come out here. Now I lost. Now I got to go back and get that fight again. Hey, let’s go. Try to stay as close as possible.

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