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Boxing Coach Tests New Kid’s Desire to be a Fighter

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If you have the desire to learn and put in the work to get better, Boxing Coach Joe Vargas is happy to help build your skills. Here’s a clip of him testing a new kid that wants to join the fight team. We build fighters!


Coach Joe Vargas:
He’s been asking me to be on the team. He comes every day, he rides the bus about an hour and a half every day to the gym. He’s been consistently telling me he wants to fight. I’m going to throw him in the ring today, see what he’s got.


How long is it going to take you to get ready? Hurry up. Let’s go. What did you say it’s called?




Coach Joe Vargas:
Helmet? It’s called a head gear. Is that okay? Have you tried that one on before?


It’s mine.


Coach Joe Vargas:
Oh it’s yours. You sure it’s yours?


Where’s your gloves at?


You ready? We’re going to see how you react, okay? You do what you want to do but be conservative, you’re going to go about three rounds, okay?


All right.


Coach Joe Vargas:
I want to see how you handle this.


It’s the last round, okay? I want to see if this kid wants to fight or not, okay? I need you to crank it on him, I don’t want you to knock him out or anything I just want you to make him work okay?


Easy days, it’s fundamental, okay? Fundamental. Easy stuff.


Just like that, just get a little rhythm, work, have fun.


He doesn’t understand what to do but I just want to see his energy and if he had the character for it, you know? If he wants it. It looks like he’s not bad, he just doesn’t know what to do, you know? Plus he’s facing a lefty. He’s never seen that before, you know what I mean? It’s difficult. He’s doing the right thing, he’s trying to set him up. See he’s waiting and waiting. He’ll lunge in. Just Eddie has the experience.


Thirty seconds, Eddie.


You don’t believe me or what? I’m telling you.



He was looking at the clock.


Time, good job. How’d you like that, kid? Good. Good job, let me get this head gear. Don’t take it off, hold on. Twist it.


Don’t hurt him, work with him, jab the body, jab the head, and when he throws let him throw a little bit so you can block everything, work on your defense and then press, okay? Let’s go.


Block, there you go, block. Now you got to block now. Focus on blocking too by walking. Now work some defense, walk forward and work on some defense.


No see you’re jabbing, you got to walk forward with defense minded. There you go, you see that? Beautiful. That’s boxing, get him to do what you want to make him do.


Now take some off of that. That kid’s going to be all right man, I see something that I like, he has drive.


Don’t throw so hard, don’t throw so hard. Time.


Kid, give me five. You just, you’re on the team already man, all right? Good job. I like what I see, we’re going to build up on it all right? Now when you come in and check in with me every day, see what we’re going to do now, okay? Good job.


And that’s a wrap. Every day.

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