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Coach Joe Vargas Working with Young Boxer Jabin Chollet

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The devil is in the details. There is a huge difference between a pad holder and a coach. Anyone can make you tired or teach you a pattern, but can you replicate it under pressure against a resisting opponent? Everyone knows the same tools and lots of people can teach you “how”, but real coaches can teach you why. This is what we do. Here is Boxing Coach Joe Vargas working with his amateur boxer Jabin Chollet.


Coach Joe Vargas:
Let me get in. I’m going to show you off. Upper cut here. Right hand, reload it. Left hook. Okay? Control your head, okay? So I push you off. No, I pushed you too far, so don’t get limp… That’s the short range right there, short range punch. Yeah, make sure you use your hips, not your whole upper body. Go. Good. Good. Give me a hook off that. Same target.

You’re pulling your head. Come on.Keep your head on me. There you go. Here I come. Here I come. Nice. Nice shot. One, two. No, get that one, too good. Come on. Don’t fall forward too much with your body. Lean back a little bit.

Now, stop yourself right there. See? Come on. Lean back, not forward. There you go. You’re stepping in to it way too much. Go back. Right there. See? So, I’m going to shrug you off, right? We’re going to go here. Go same thing we’re doing. [foreign language 00:00:57]. Give me two. Make sure you’re good on that, okay? Make sure your legs aren’t too far apart.

Okay, here we go. There you go. Nice. One more time. I get in. I don’t like you here, go. Good. Nice. That hook needs to be wide, because you’re inside. You’re going to create that power right here. That one, I have my hand up, right? One. Two. And then from here, this hand has to come behind my gloves. Boom. So, this one has to be wide and turn your hip on it. So here, push me off a little bit. Push me off. So you open me up, right?

I’m open right there. Look at those ribs. Boom. Reload. Boom. And look how far your head is from me. So once you’re that far from me, I’m coming wide. Okay? So here we go again. Take three. I’m here. Go. There you go. Okay? He’s here. Go. Look for it.

Nice defense. Nope. Don’t turn over on it. Turning over on it. Step back. Shoulders back. Right there. Control your shoulders. Don’t put your shoulders right here. Put your shoulders right here. Hands up. Turn your hips over. Go.

See? Now add a left hook to that. Bend down. Right there. Good. Vice versa. There you go. Don’t step in too much. Good. Good. Back, back. Good. Wait for me. Good. Nice.

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