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Do It Yourself Slip Bag Boxing Drill at Home

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If you’re stuck at home and don’t have any equipment to train, don’t sweat it. Here’s an easy and creative way you can make an imitation slip bag to work on your Boxing head movement at home.


Coach Vince Salvador:
Okay, here’s a drill we could do at home with just a water bottle, some duct tape, and maybe a wrap or some rope. What we’re building is a slip bag. A slip bag is a piece of equipment you can use to work on your head movement. And when I’m working on head movement, I need something coming at me at the same speed all the time so I can understand how to move my head and what direction to move my head.

All I need to do is attach it to something up top, maybe something on your roof. You push it, and it starts to come back. All I want to do is move my head off that. As a beginner, I just use the understanding of when it comes in to move my head. I can go inside. I can slip to the outside. I could slip and roll. I can also shadowbox, and as it comes back, I can move my head so I don’t get hit. If I don’t move, it hits me right in the head, and that’s what the drill is going to help us with.

All right guys, so stay tuned for more content, more drill, stuff you can do at home. We’ll be posting daily. Also, we have The Arena training program coming out at coming soon. We’ll be posting a lot more stuff on there that you guys can do at home. Also, thank you guys for your support while all this stuff is going on. Hopefully, we see you guys soon.

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