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Figure 8 Footwork Drill for Boxing

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In this video The Arena Striking Coach Vince Salvador teaches a simple drill you can do at home, with zero equipment, to work on your footwork for Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA.


Coach Vince Salvador:
What’s up guys? So here’s a little drill you guys can do at home, anywhere with two gloves, a pair of shoes, anything you can put on the ground. What we’re doing is we’re putting two reference points so that we can make a figure eight with our footwork. What we’re doing is we’re going to start on this side of the glove. If I’m right handed, I want my left foot to be on this side of the glove, and I’m going to make my way towards that glove with my hands up and my fight stance and everything, and I’m going to push and slide as I come across the corner, and when I hit the glove I’m going to take that turn there with my pivot and my footwork to be inside.

So what I want to do is start off in a good fight stance, elbows in, chin down, everything the same as you would in a fight, and I’m going to push off with the back foot and I’m going to make my way. Depending on your skill level you could go slow, you could go a little faster, you can stop, you can do whatever you want on this, but it’s just a reference point.

When I’m coming through, I’m pushing off the back foot and I’m stepping and sliding so that I can be a little more mobile when I’m moving. If my feet come together, I’m not going to have balance, also it’s going to be harder for me to move my feet.

So what we’re trying to do is use these as reference points so that when I’m moving down the line I know when to turn the corner, and how my feet and my body have to adjust to the positioning of me and the gloves. As I make the figure eight movement, when I’m coming back down this way, I turn to the inside, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a step and I pivot to the inside, so I can move around that corner, I don’t have to lift my legs.

If I want to I can make it a little more fast, I can bounce, depending on your skill level, you can move, turn that corner. But you can easily just slowly move around until you get comfortable with how your feet move and how far apart they need to be at all times. If my feet get too far apart for me, I’m not moving, hard to turn the corner, makes moving my feet a lot harder.

All right guys, stay tuned for more content, more drills, stuff you can do at home. We’ll be posting daily. Also, we have the Arena training programming coming out at the Arena.TV coming soon. We’ll be posting a lot more stuff on there that you guys can do at home. Also, thank you guys for your support while all this stuff is going on. Hopefully, we see you guys soon.

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