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Gear, Other Items Boxers Need

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While boxing might seem like a couple of guys just standing and hitting each other, it is truly a demanding sport that requires a great deal of work and training. Boxing can be a great way to stay in shape, but in order to be successful, it is important to consider the following items.

When you are setting up a home boxing area, you will need to install a few different kinds of punching bags. The heavy bag is a very important tool because its weight and resistance mimics the weight of a person. Using the heavy bag will help you learn to throw punches that gain power from your entire body, including your legs and torso, as opposed to throwing punches strictly from the upper body. This bag will need to be in a fairly open area, so you can maneuver around it easily. Consider doing several three-minute workouts with one-minute breaks in between, so that it will be similar to an actual boxing round.

Speed bags are another important piece of equipment and the smaller speed bags can help you improve your all-important hand-eye coordination, as well as develope a good punching rhythm and maybe even a deadly left jab. A larger, heavier speed bag can be a good option, too, as this will improve your upper body strength as it is harder to hit. Another great option would be to install a floor-to-ceiling bag, especially if you are interested in actually competing in bouts. This bag is attached to elastic chords that make it rebound erratically when you hit the bag. This will help you learn how to quickly respond to different attacks which is more of what you would deal with if you were fighting an actual person.

Boxers must have proper handwraps and boxing gloves in order to protect the bones and joints in their hands. You can try a few different types of handwraps and then select the ones that feel the most comfortable to you. When selecting gloves, beginners often start with lighter weights, and 16-ounce gloves are pretty standard. Pro boxers usually slightly heavier gloves, but lighter ones are great for the beginner. When you do step into the ring against an actual person, you also need to purchase some headgear as well as a mouthpiece.

Other great items to think about purchasing are boxing shoes and a good quality jump rope. The shoes might not be essential, but they do provide good support and are lighter weight than many athletic shoes, which can help you move more freely. Using a jump rope is a great way to warm up and also is a great tool to improve footwork.

All of this equipment can be purchased and placed in your own home gym, but it is also a good idea to consider scoping out the San Diego gym scene to find a spot that offers boxing and conditioning classes. There are also mixed martial arts gyms that offer boxing classes in San Diego, and you will have the added advantage of being able to enjoy other martial arts classes in addition to boxing lessons. Try to find a gym that offers a daily schedule with several boxing classes, and find a gym that charges one flat monthly rate for everything. This provides you with the opportunity to take Jiu-Jitsu classes, boxing classes and much more.


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