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How to Punch a Heavy Bag without Hurting Your Hand

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Punching a heavy bag with poor form could lead to injury, so in this video Kickboxing Coach Vince Salvador gives some pointers on how to avoid hurting your hand while hitting the bag.


Coach Vince Salvador:
Coach Vince from The Arena, this is my striking tip of the week.

When you throw a punch, you got to turn the punch over and land with the two knuckles on this side, on the front part of your hand, so you don’t hurt your hand. When you hit the bag, the impact should be at the end of the punch, turned over, keeps your shoulder up. That shoulder will protect you on that side and you will get hit in the face.

Also, it’s good to hit the bag at least once a week, bare knuckle, just so you learn how to punch and not hurt your hands and that’s going to help you in the long run.

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