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How to Use Footwork to Cut Corners and Change Angles in MMA and Boxing

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Striking Coach Vince Salvador shows some footwork drills to help you learn how to change angles and cut corners in Boxing, Kickboxing or MMA.


Coach Vince Salvador:
So guys, it’s Coach Vince and here’s another footwork drill you can do at home. In boxing, kickboxing, or MMA, angles are probably going to be the best line of defense to get out of the way of something. And I can’t just step to angles, and cross my feet, and do different type of things. So to get to the 90 degrees or 45, I need to use footwork. One of the ways I can do this is by cutting the corner with my footwork.

It’s the same thing tying in my head movement and my weight shift from the front. Set the front axis, rear axis. This is the center line. So my head is here. Now let’s go to the back foot. Now my weight is all on my back leg for me to cut the corner here. Just like in the first video, I’m going to take my opposite foot and bring it back to that position. So if my head is in the rear, I take my lead foot, and it’s going to give me an angle if I shift my weight from my left foot to my right foot.

Now I’m turning to the inside and I cut the corner. So if I’m here, he comes forward, I have my weight in my back leg, I come forward. Now I attack in this 45. He’s going straight. So when I do this a little faster, if I throw my punches, he comes forward, I’m in a corner and angle.

You can do it with punches or without. He comes forward, as long as my head is moving, if my head is right here, hard to move my feet. But if my head is moving already, easy. It really depends on where my head is at. My head is in this pocket, hard for me to move this way, easy for me to move this way. So again, cutting the corner, I either set it up with punches, or I set it up with my footwork alone with my head movement. He comes forward. And that’s my tip.

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