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Joe Vargas Coaches a Boxing Sparring Session

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Check out this video and get an inside look at Boxing Coach Joe Vargas cornering one of his fighters during a sparring session. Here at The Arena, we build fighters.


Coach Joe Vargas:
Dang, you look like a super model, dog. You look like a super model up there. You know what I mean, dog. Work on taking control. Work on being first, last, and out. Okay?


Coach Joe Vargas:
Let’s get in there. Sit on your left leg. You are on your front leg too much. There you go. Even if nothing is happening, work off that left leg. Don’t reach. If it’s not there, don’t reach. Try not to dip to that side too much. You are too much on your right side. There you go. That’s it, that’s it. It’s perfect. It’s cool. Keep turning in. There you go. Time.

Work a lot with the left hand, single, doubles. Throw a lot of hooks. Unless you’re sure the right hands going to land, then throw it. Other than that, don’t throw it.

All right.

Coach Joe Vargas:
I don’t want you missing with it so much. All right? There you go. That was exactly what I’m talking about. You sure about that right hand, that’s when you throw it. Turn in. Don’t back up. Turn in on that. He can’t hit you when you turn in. Good. Exactly. Now establish yourself right away. Establish yourself. There you go. Sit on that left leg. Don’t sit on that flat leg. There you go. That’s it. Try to bring up the middle sometimes. See? Saw some face. Don’t fall flat on him. Don’t go to sleep on him. Time.

He keeps coming and coming. Sit, rip up. Rip up the middle, rip up the side with a regular hook. Okay? Don’t have to load up on your shots because it throws you off balance. Step to your left. Step to your left. If he’s going to shoot in, step back, lean back. Nice. There you go. Now capitalize on that. There you go. Nice punch, should have come up the middle with that. Something else behind that. There you go. Reach with your feet, not with your hands. Time.

Very good test sparring, guys. There you go. Very nice work. Cool down with a round of shadow boxing, gentlemen.

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