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Learn How to Shift Your Weight and Maintain a Proper Fighting Stance

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In this video Coach Vince Salvador covers your first line of defense, which is footwork. He goes over ways to shift your stance and balance your weight during any striking art, including Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA.


Coach Vince Salvador:
What’s up guys? It’s Coach Vince from The Arena, and here are a couple of workouts that you can do as drills or workouts for you to develop your footwork. One of the first things you can do to develop your footwork or your stance in this position when you’re doing for work is to find your balance. And when I’d say that, is by when I can shift my weight from fore to the rear access easily and move at the same time, then I know that I’m centered, and this will help me with this drill. So what I’m doing is with my feet, I’m not moving my feet at all.

My head is going to move into those pockets that will shift my weight into the rear or the forward axis with my head movement and with my head movement, I can add other things into this. So if my head is in the forward axis after I’ve already moved my head, as I slip a right hand punch kick or whatever, now I have my weight on my front foot. So this drill is just going to be me shifting my weight from the front foot, the back foot and changing my angle. So if my head is here and I’m moving my weight this way, and I can do this in front of a mirror, I could do it as I shadow box, but my feet are not moving. My weight’s going to go over my front foot. My right foot is going to replace that. And my body is going to turn out to this corner here. So when my head moves into the front pocket, I shift my weight, my body shoots out to this corner here. I still have my opponent in front of me, but I have a different angle now.

And now I’m not in front anymore. My head comes off the center line and I can set up jabs and other things like that from there. So when I’m using it in a shadow boxing situation, I can go here. My head comes over that front foot, my weight shifts, and my jab comes out to that center line. So I’m just moving my head, head over the front foot, rear leg into the inside, jab to the inside of the center. My head is now in the middle, so if he’s trying to punch me, I’ve got my head outside this center. Again, I’m here. Center line is right here. Outside, inside, outside, inside. Now I pivot inside, head offline. I’m not in that angle of attack anymore. So I’m just using that as a drill. So head, head, here, there.

Now, once I’m in this position and I want to go back, I bring my foot back to that position. Square one. So the drill is head movement, head movement, forward position, punch, back, head movement, head movement, head movement. And that’s a little drill you guys can do for now. It’s going to develop a lot of different things, but the first line of defense should be your feet. Foot work is going to make everything happen. If you can tie your feet and your head together, a lot easier for you to move without getting hit. So again, forward axis, shifting my weight, landing my jab. Now bringing my weight back, head movement off that center line. Keep you safe.

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