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Navy Veteran and Amateur Boxer Discusses Martial Arts Journey

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Arena Gym Member, retired Navy Veteran, and amateur boxer Duane Moore discusses his martial arts journey. The level of coaching and professionalism at the Arena helped him reach his goals as we have for so many over the years.


Duane Moore:
I’ve always been a fan of martial arts. I discovered boxing when I was 16, up in LA. It was an after school program. I feel like it got too hard, because I didn’t know about fighting and stuff, and so I stopped. You know Gerald Washington, the pro boxer? He was in the Navy with me. And I started taking boxing again and from there it’s like… I did what I could while I was in the Navy. And it’s just hard, man.

In 2014/15, I asked my cousin JoJo Agorilla, do you know any gyms down there? I want to get back to martial arts. And he said, “Yeah, join The Arena.” And as I was getting older, I’m like, “I just want to get started in amateur fights.” I’ve had three so far, big learning experience for me. A lot of people, when they take boxing, all they’re looking for is a boxing type of workout, two punches and squats and jumping jacks. This is a combat gym and I’m learning the art of boxing. I mean, Coach Joe, been, what, in the game 30, 40 years. Coach Basheer, four time USA Olympic boxing coach, the wealth of experience and the veteran leadership. I mean, that’s what I feel like you get here, and that’s what makes The Arena different.

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