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Professional Boxer Austin Brooks Fighter Profile

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Arena Pro Boxer Austin Brooks discusses his journey in his boxing, and his plans for the future. Austin is the type of quiet professional that comes in every day and works hard that all coaches love.


Austin Brooks:
My name’s Austin Brooks. I’m a professional boxer. I compete at featherweight and super featherweight, and I’m fighting out of The Arena. I was born in Idaho, and I moved around a lot growing up, like five different states. So I wouldn’t really say I had a hometown, but I consider San Diego my hometown now. I started boxing when I was 17. When I started training at City Boxing. I started training with Vernon Lee. Me and him built a real good relationship. I didn’t have much of a father figure growing up so that was the first time I really had somebody in my life that was a positive role model. He really got me not only physically right but mentally right too, for the sport.

I just decided to make the move to The Arena because I wasn’t competing enough. I wanted to sharpen up. I wanted to get better, and I really wanted to start competing. And I knew Coach Basheer over here and Joe Vargas. They’re really good coaches, and I just wanted to take my game to the next level. I had a pretty short amateur career, not that many fights, only 20 fights. I was 18 and 2, wasn’t competing that much. I just had a lot of stuff keeping me back from competing, but that’s kind of why I made the change to coach this year. He’s really on top of his game, really focused on his fighters and getting them to that next level.

So my short-term plan would say, just get some fights going. I really want to get at least five to six fights this year. And eventually work down to that title where I can get a world title. My family, they’re a huge support. They definitely keep me hungry, keep me pushing, and I do have goals to help out my family in the end. So they’re definitely a huge motivation for me.

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