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Punch Combination Drills to Fight from Both Stances

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The Arena Striking Coach Vince Salvador shows how he uses different punching combinations to switch his stance, allowing him to fight from both an orthodox and southpaw stance. You can use this in Boxing, Kickboxing or MMA.


Coach Vince Salvador:
How’s it going guys? This is Coach Vince from The Arena and here’s some tips and drills you can use to develop fighting from both orthodox and southpaw and working on both stances so that you can do both in a fight.

One of the drills I like to do is I’ll throw everything from my strong stance, which is orthodox. If you’re right handed, you write with your right hand, your orthodox. If you write with your left hand, you’re probably southpaw. Southpaw just means you’re left handed. And the way that I do this, I’ll throw all the punches in combination the same way I would if I was just throwing them at a bag or at anywhere. And I would still continue using my head movement, keeping my head off that center line but when my weight shifts, it gives me an opportunity to pick up a leg.

So if I throw my jab, my cross, and my hook, my head is here and it shifts to here, my weight is here that means my back leg is light. If my back leg is light, I can just take a step forward, move my head to the outside, now I’m a southpaw. Same thing, I can jab, cross, hook, my head’s on this side, take a step backwards, come underneath, I’m orthodox.

So there’s a way to transition from right to left without having to show it, without going here and here. Now I’m hiding it behind my hands, my feet move when my hands move. So if I go one, two, three, my head moves my footsteps, my head moves, southpaw. One, two, three, my head moves, I take a step backward, my head moves, orthodox.

And that is my tip of the day.

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