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Reaction and Speed Boxing Drills Using a Tennis Ball

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In this video Boxing Coach Joe Vargas shows a couple cool drills you can practice at home with a ball. They will help you build your reaction speed and timing while throwing punches, and also teach you to keep your hands up protecting your face.


Coach Joe Vargas:
What’s up Arena family? I’m Joe Vargas. Here are some of the things you guys can do at home while we’re on quarantine. Simple drill with a ball. Reaction drills. Hands up, catch the ball. See the hand I’m not using? It’s coming right back to my cheekbone. That’s one thing you can work on while you’re at home.


A second one, this ball helps out a lot, is to keep your hands up. Put it right under your armpit as you’re shadow boxing. Work one single hand, that way you keep your hand up. Switch hands and use your power hand. Make sure you’re balanced proper and work on your technique. That’s some of the stuff you could do at home with a simple ball.

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