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Resourceful Boxing Training Using Pool Noodles

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One of the nice things about boxing is you don’t need fancy equipment to train. Boxing Coach Joe Vargas shows how you can use some cheap pool noodles to work on your distance, timing, slips, counters, head movement and so on.


Coach Joe Vargas:

We’re going to be working today on resourceful training. This is really cost efficient. You can buy these at any Walmart. We’re going to go into the counters and slips, so hands up, counter hook. Boom, boom. One, two. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Good. Slip, slip under, right hand, left hook. Okay? Got it?

Boom, boom, good. Hips out. Hips out. So, what you do, is you create range. Create range by stepping out. Range. Right hand. Good. One, two under. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Good. One, two. Three. Double jab. Slip, slip under, under. Out. There you go.

As you can see these things are really efficient. They work really good. Instead of buying really expensive stuff that you can’t afford for whatever reason, it’s good to start with these. You can work distance, timing, slips, counters, movements, so you know where to go and that’s your tip of the week.

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