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Shadowboxing and Footwork Boxing Drill

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Here’s a simple Boxing drill you can do anywhere with some cones or shoes or whatever you have around the house. Coach Joe uses this to practice moving forward and backward while shadowboxing.


Coach Joe Vargas:
Hey, what’s up guys. I’m showing you guys, laying out how to shadow box moving forward and moving backwards. Some of you guys don’t have cones at home, we set up with very simple stuff that you guys should have home, sandals, shoes, gloves, and they’re all spaced five feet apart. So it’s three steps, one, two, three, and so on and so on.

Guys, what I’m doing is moving forward, shadow boxing. These objects, I’m staying away from them and I’m moving and they’re guiding me. So my inside foot, which is inside of the drill, is lined up with the shoes. I shadow box a little bit, get my hands out, then I shuffle forward. Now I’m lined up with this side, now I’m working, working, cross my … The whole point of the drill is not to cross your feet and not to bring them together.

So now I’ll come this way, so you have a better look. You’re going to be moving forward and backward. So I’m lined up with the cone, my feet are coming here. Now here, my feet are going to want to cross. What I’m going to do, is I’m going to step out, I’ll go slow and line up.

Now for that split second, I’m vulnerable, but I’m trying to make the move as fast as possible. So I’ll do it at my speed now. So I’m shadow boxing, and then I’m here. I’ll do the same thing coming backwards, guiding me, hands are up, shadow boxing, set up, throw a couple punches. See right here, I don’t want to cross my feet. So they’re guiding me and I stay away from them. I don’t come to them.

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