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Simple Head Movement Drill For Boxing

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MMA and Kickboxing Coach Vince Salvador shows a cool drill you can do at home by simply tying a wrap or rope across the room. This will help you develop the proper head movement to slip punches while boxing.


Coach Vince Salvador:
What’s up guys? So here’s another head movement drill you can do at home with just a piece of rope or wraps that you already have. And all you’re doing is using your legs to get underneath the rope by squatting, getting a good level change, and then rolling my head or slipping my head underneath. If I don’t do that, my legs are straight. It’s going to be hard. And then if you do it this way, you’re doing it wrong. Your back’s bending. So no bend at the back. Bend at the legs.

And when I’m moving forward, I’m just inching my way forward using the same mechanics that we did with the footwork. Keeping our elbows in, chin down, feet close enough together so that they’re never too far apart. So when I do roll underneath, I can continue moving without stopping.

This is without punches, just moving forward, backwards because understanding that the center line is where I need to make sure my head isn’t, right? Also, you can throw punches and do the same thing while you’re going forward and you can use those punches to set up your head movement. A basic rule, if I’m going that way, I punch that way first. So I want to roll underneath, I throw my hook, it helps me get underneath. I can throw a jab, get underneath. I can throw the cross, get underneath this way, right? So punch first, then move second.

All right guys, so stay tuned for more content, more drills, stuff you could do at home. We’ll be posting daily. Also, thank you guys for your support while all this stuff is going on. Hopefully we’ll see you guys soon.

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