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The Arena Boxing Team Annual Mountain Run

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Every year Boxing Coach Joe Vargas takes his fighters out to the mountains for a grueling run. It’s a nice way to get out of the gym and build comradery. Check it out!


Coach Joe Vargas:
You know I like to focus, you guys hear headphones all the time. You guys are out here, the mountains, you guys are going to see how beautiful it is when you’re down there running, so it’s up to you guys. I like no headphones but it’s on you. You guys are grown men, except for you two fuckers. Alright? We’re going to go about 10, 15 miles per hour. When we catch up to you guys, don’t say fuck I’m almost there, just get in the truck dog. That’s it. Alright go ahead guys, take off.


I call it a meditation run. I am making these guys get out of the city. Enjoying this beautiful view. Basically it’s just a run to focus and meditate. We give them a 20 minute head start to run. And as we’re catching them, they get in the back of the truck. To this day nobody has finished the race.


Come on champ.


Come on baby, get in the truck baby. Get in the truck fool.


Come on C, get in the truck dog.


Conner. In the back Con.

Come on Yáñez!


All access, all access right here.


You want to be a champ, you’ve got to work like one. You’ve got to grind like one.


He is the only one left?


Coach Joe Vargas:
Yeah, Christian’s the only one. I think the most that ran was about 6, 7 miles. There’s Christian right now. Hey, Hey, Cheer him on dog! Hey tell him we’re coming dog!


So, you can tell the trail won again, caught up to all the guys. But it’s just the fun part of it that we’re here for. Get them out of the element like I said earlier. Get them to go run. They’re socializing, having fun. Sometimes the sport is a little too serious though. Make them enjoy themselves.



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