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The Arena’s Amateur Boxing Program

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As The Arena recently held our bi annual amateur boxing tryouts, many members have asked about what it takes to make the team and compete for the amateur boxing program. Interested members should prepare for the next tryout by focusing on key areas that our coaches look at when determining the roster for the program. 


One of the most important aspects of being a boxer is good conditioning. While this alone will not win you a fight, it can certainly tip the scales in your favor. During the amateur boxing tryout, all members will have to complete a timed run in order to assess their current level of fitness. In order to succeed at this stage in the tryout, members should plan on running a minimum of 3 miles 3-4 days per week.


A good way to set yourself apart from the competition at tryouts is by having solid fundamentals. Inexperienced boxers with bad fundamentals will have a difficult time making the team. If you would like to get some more time practicing technique, consider attending any one of our boxing fundamentals classes every day at 10:00am, 12:00pm, 4:30pm, or 6:30pm. 


Sparring is an essential part of any good boxer’s training regimen and a core concept in our amateur boxing tryouts. Boxers should use sparring as an opportunity to apply techniques, fundamentals, conditioning, and fight aptitude to a real world situation. For those that want more practice sparring, all four of our boxing classes on Fridays will be sparring sessions. You should plan on sparring at least once a week. This will allow the coaches to assess how you perform under pressure. 


Making weight is a critical part of boxing as all competitions will require that fighters reach a minimum weight. For this reason it is imperative that interested members have good eating habits. Tryouts will include a weigh in to ensure that your weight is under control. 

The next amateur boxing tryout will take place later in the year. Announcements will be made prior to the tryout so that interested members have time to plan.

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