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The Proper Way to Punch a Heavy Bag

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The heavy bag is a great tool for boxers to develop their skills, but like any other tool, it should be used the correct way. Boxing Coach Joe Vargas shows how to properly punch the heavy bag for optimal results.


Coach Joe Vargas:
I’m Joe Vargas, Head Coach at The Arena. Today, I’m going to show you guys how to work the bag properly. Now what I mean by that is a lot of guys, when they shorten up their distance in their punches, they hit the bag and the bag starts rocking back and forth like that. To me, when you hit a bag the proper way, the bag should stay in the same place. It moves a little bit, but the bag doesn’t flip back and forth. You’re extending your punches. This bag is designed to stay in place if you hit it the proper way. When you hit the bag the wrong way, you’d do this. A lot of guys push the bag. So find your range. Best way to establish a range, establish your long range on your jab with your right hand, and you start working from here. And that’s your tip of the week.

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