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Tip of the Week: Footwork with Joe Vargas

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My name is Joe Vargas. I’m one of the head coaches here at The Arena. Today helping me is Master Baret Yoshida.

We’re gonna be working on proper footwork and how you could create an opening by just moving your feet an inch or two while you’re in the trenches.

So Master Baret is gonna sit back. Here, my upper cut doesn’t have much pop to it. It could be good but I’ll take a risk throwing it from here because he can countermove the upper cut with a hook.

If I step and enter too, it takes away his hook, and I got my upper cut. If I step to my left, I got my upper cut. And that’s how you create openings by just moving your feet.

This is what it looks like against speed. So I just step, full, the other side. That’s the proper game speed. That’s how you would throw it. Throw it as quick. That’s the tip of the week.

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