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Tip of the Week – Outside Foot Placement

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I’m Joe Vargas, one of the coaches here at The Arena. Today, helping me is Ricardo and Hank. Left-hander, right-hander. We’re going to work on foot placement, how it means a lot in a sparring match, in a light sparring, in a competition, in a fight to control the outside foot.

We have the right-hander, we have the left-hander. Right there, it’s even playing ground. You have two guys facing each other. Now you take the lead right there. Ricardo has the upper hand, because his foot is on the outside. So now he’s fighting for foot placement. You put your foot on the outside and you work from there.

Let’s give him about 30 seconds of work guys, step around, move around, work around now. We’ll see who determines, who controls the outcome.

Time. So you see guys, the most important thing about this is who has the outside will dominate the stronger and hardest punches. The point of this is, as the left-hander, if he has the foot on the outside, he has all the momentum and the control of his hard punches on me. Throw the hook. Throw it harder, throw both, throw hard. He has the dominance right there on the out foot.

My hips won’t allow me to reach him. They won’t hit him that hard, even if I do hit him, the mobility of lip … hips. So I want to be here. Here. So, whoever controls the outside foot actually controls the fight a little more.

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