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Using Cones to Develop Better Boxing Movement Patterns

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In this Tip of the Week, Boxing Coach Joe Vargas shows some shadowboxing drills you can do using cones to develop better movement patterns and work on moving in and out. These drills are great for intermediate to advanced boxers.


Coach Joe Vargas:
I’m Joe Vargas, one of the head coaches here at The Arena. Today we’re going to be going on … Our tip of the week is going to be our movements with our feet and head movements. Setting up some drills. I was going to call him Conner. Fuck, what’s your real name? I already forgot it.


Ken. Kenneth.


Joe Vargas:
Ken. Kenneth Duckensberg?




Joe Vargas:
My boy Conner is going to be demonstrating the drill, all right? So we’re going to work from the outside with the perimeter. Feet out. Out of your stance, out of your stance. Circle, circle, circle. That’s who he’s fighting. He steps in, works a little bit, moves around, steps out. Goes under the rope three times. Go … Exactly. Good. These are some of the drills you can do for higher elite fighters, amateur pro fighters. He’s always staggering his movements. Extend that jab, don’t forget to extend that jab when you’re coming in. Not on the way out, on the way in. Lean back on that back foot and stagger in. Let’s jump in. Good. Now work a little bit, then get out. Good.


So on the outside of the perimeter, he’s working with his feet parallel trying to move out the way fast. At his mid range, short range, he’s inching up with his triple jab, double jab. And now he’s fighting inside for a little bit and then he’ll get out. Head movement is always very essential. That’s one way of doing it. The next way of doing it is me standing in front of him and me leading the dance. Come forward. I mean, come sideways. There you go. Come in. Keep working. Good. Back. Boom, boom. Circle. Anywhere you want. Anywhere you want, no worry. Under. One, two, three. There you go. Keep going. Step in. Triple jab your way in. There you go. Out. Out, out, out. Good. Exactly. Good, good. Come in. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Good. Back out. Always remember to keep your hands up, triple jab your way in. Boom, boom, boom. Good. One, two. Good. Under three times.

That’s one of the ways that you prepare, by shadow boxing more extreme, more for the high end guys, more the pro, elite amateurs. I’m Joe Vargas, that’s my boy Conner, that’s my tip of the week.

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