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1-10 Reps Ladder Bodyweight Workout

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For this Strength and Conditioning workout, you’ll be doing ladders, meaning each set you add or subtract a repetition. These exercises are all bodyweight, so no equipment is required.


Coach Jason Salazar:

Hey guys, Jason here at The Arena. So god another workout for you today. Today we’re going to do Climb the Ladder. We’re going to start out one for each exercise, which there’s eight of them, one repetition per exercise. Then the next time we go through it, we’re going to two repetitions per exercise. Next time you go through it, three repetitions. So we climb all the way to 10 if we can get there.



All right, starting off first, jump squats. Remember you only got one in the beginning. But make sure we get the debt. Nice good hop. Those knees go out every time. Keep the chest up.


Then we got V-ups. Arms all the way out, legs all the way out, and try to make a V as best as possible. You want to get up on that butt. Nothing else should be touching the ground.



We got plyo pushups. So your options are: clap, just hop. Still too hard, go to the knees, clap or hop.


So when we’re doing our flutter kicks, it is going to be per leg. So on the very first one, just one, one, and you’re done. But later on, one, one, two, two, three, three, four, four, five, five. Think you get it.



So we’ve got knees to feet. You’re going to start all the way back, a little bit easier, and use your arms, drive those hips forward. Big explosion just to those feet. You want to make it a little bit harder, sit back on those heels. It takes a little bit out of there real hard. If it’s both hard for you. We’ll get into a quad push position up on our toes, just like a quad hop. We’re just going to hop forward. And then go back.


So we got flutter squat. We’re going to do two skis. One, two, squat. One, two, squat. Very important to get those feet back in the right position for that squat.


So we got Russian twist next. Just like the flutter kicks, it’s per side, so one, one, two, two, three, three. Keep those legs straight and pointed out, balancing on that butt. Try to rotate all the way down, touch that ground.


The last guy in the list: dive bombers. So bring our feet closer to us. Those feet about shoulder width apart. Pretend was like a bar right here. I need to get under it and push myself back out underneath it, and forward again, and back out. If this is too hard, let’s just do the dive part and press up out of it, reset, back down to the dive, reset. Or we just do the full, not a bomber.


All right. Just to recap this one, we are climbing a ladder with our eight different exercises, so for the very first round we’ll do each exercise just one repetition. The second time we go through this, we’ll do all the exercises two times. And then we’ll do them three times. All the way until we get to 10. If 10 is too high of a number, you can start off at seven, maybe work up to eight, work up to nine, then one day, get to that 10.


All right, guys, I hope you’ve been enjoying the workouts. Stay tuned for more workouts. We’re going to keep posting workouts as much as we possibly can until we can get you back into our gym.

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