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15 Minute AMRAP Bodyweight Workout 01

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This Strength and Conditioning workout is only 15 minutes but is sure to get you sweating. And best of all, you don’t need any equipment to get it done because it’s all bodyweight exercises. Get as many rounds of work in as you can.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey, guys. Jason here at The Arena. I’ve got another workout for you guys today. We’re going to do an AMRAP, 15 minutes. We have five different exercises. If you don’t remember what an AMRAP is, it means we’re going to do as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes, basically those five exercises over and over and over again until the time ends and then we just stop.

So we’re going to start off with a hand release push-up. Go all the way down, release those hands, press all the way back up. You’ve got five of these. Make sure we don’t sag those hips. Just let your chest touch the ground, not your hips.


Right after those five hand release push-ups, we got five sit-ups. Remember, all the way down, all the way up.


All right. After those five sit-ups, five broad jumps. Big explosion, use those arms. Tuck those knees in when you land. I just got five of those.


We got five Spiderman push-ups. When we’re doing our Spiderman push-ups just pull our hand back just a little bit, bring that knee up as we go down, press back up, replace. Same thing on the other side. Back down, back up. We’ll just stay on the ground right after those push-ups. Get into a plank and just do five plank jacks. Feet all the way out and back in. Just remember this, you’re in a plank.


At the end of each round, before we start the next round, we’re just going to do 20 jumping jacks. Maybe take this as a little breather or just get it done real fast. Remember, we’re going to go back and forth through this over and over and over until the 15 minutes is up. Then we’re done with this workout.


All right, guys. I hope you’ve been enjoying the workouts. Stay tuned for more workouts. We’re going to keep posting workouts as much as we possibly can until we can get you back into our gym.

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