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20 Minute AMRAP Bodyweight Workout

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This strength and conditioning workout is as many rounds as possible for 20 minutes, doing variations of push-ups, squats and sit-ups. Give it a shot and see how many you can do.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason, here at The Arena. Got another workout for you today. Today we’re going to do a 20 minute AMRAP. Remember AMRAP means as many rounds as possible. So we’re going to do as many rounds over and over and over in those 20 minutes and see how many we can get. This one does consist of nine different exercises, was basically three different push-ups, three different squats, three different sit-ups.

All right guys, I’m going to do one full round of this. So I’m going to start off with my five push-ups. Now I have five squats. Remember get the depth guys in your squats. Same thing with those push-ups, all the way up, all the way down. After that you got five sit-ups. Feet together is an option. The only reason I do this for is it turns my hip flexors off and just use my core to get up.

So back to push-ups again. But this time I’m going to do diamond push-ups. Try to put your hands together. If this is too much for you, you can spread them apart, but the idea is to have a very narrow base. That’s my five diamond. Ball of foot squats, like a jump squat, but instead of jumping, up in the toes. Up in the toes every time. Now I got V-ups, five of them. Remember, you should be on your butt at the end of that sit-up. That’s my V-ups. Back to push-ups. We’re doing plyo. You hear a clap, or just hop off that ground.

And now I got jump squats. Make sure you get the depth on these guys. And for the final one, I’m going to get into that body hold, but then I’m going to rock. One, two, three, four, five, and that’s one round. See how many you can get in 20 minutes.

All right, so just keep in mind, everything is five. And it goes push-up, squat, sit-up, push-up, squat, sit-up, push-up, squat, sit-up. So you shouldn’t get too lost in this one. Just see how many rounds you can do. I recommend doing this one over and over, especially if you’re not doing good push-ups and good squats, this will help you improve your push-up and squats. Stay tuned for some more workouts guys.

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