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20 Minute AMRAP Workout with 6 Exercises

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Coach Jason is back with another Strength and Conditioning workout you can do with a kettlebell. It’s only 20 minutes of work and the goal is to get as much done as possible.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey, guys. Jason here at The Arena. Got a workout for you today. Today we’re going to do a 20-minute AMRAP. That means as many rounds as possible of five exercises, and we’re just going to keep repeating them, see how many rounds we can combine in 20 minutes. See what our total is at the end.

All right, guys. For this, you will need a kettle bell or one dumbbell. I’m going to run through the whole round for you, because everything’s pretty small numbers. We’re going to start off with just five tuck jumps. Remember, tuck those legs up there, nice and high, with a nice soft landing.

After that, we’re going to do a sumo deadlift high pull with the kettle bell. Remember, sumo, wide stance. Use those hips to snap that ball up. Pull it all the way up to under that chin, with those nice high elbows. We’ve only got five.

After that, we got jumping lunges, five on each leg. So, one, one, two, two, three, three, four, four, five, and five.

After that, we’re going to do on the ground. I got five V-ups. Just try to make a V as best as possible. Get up on that butt.

After my five V-ups, I’ll just roll around and over for five hand release pushups. Come all the way up, as high as you can. Full extension on those pushups. So that was the last one on the list.

After every round, 20 jumping jacks. I did my 20 jumping jacks. Start all the way at the top again with those tuck jumps. See how many rounds you can get.

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